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A “Grand” Grandmother

Over the years, I’ve experienced a number of requests from home buyers for mother-in-law suites. Existing homes with this type of set-up is still somewhat of a rarity in our market, but they do exist.

These requests got me to thinking about my grandparents. I have wonderful memories of time spent with them, learning new things and just enjoying their company. And they enjoyed our company as well.

I am not exaggerating when I say that my paternal grandma got teary-eyed every time we left her house, which would be completely understandable if we didn’t see them very often. But I grew up on a farm that was less than a mile away from them, and my family and I visited them at least a couple of times a week, many times even much more than that!

I came to understand that my grandma’s tears were not tears of sadness, but an expression of joy and gratitude. She was grateful for our relationship and spending time with us made her happy.

My grandma lived a simple life and found satisfaction and fulfillment in her day to day tasks. She was an exceptional example of contentment and of living each day joyfully and with purpose. She taught me many things, such as how to crochet, how to tend a garden, and how to carefully snatch eggs from nesting hens without sending them into chaos. But the most valuable thing she taught me was that having a good attitude and finding contentment in your daily life is a gift you give to yourself.

My grandparents didn’t live with us, but they were right down the road, and time spent with them made a very positive impact on my life.

So I’m thinking the mother-in-law suite thing is a great idea! Now, I can see the cringe on some faces, and I absolutely agree it won’t work in all situations. But in the right situation, it could be a valuable gift you give to your family and yourself.